Griffin Development Services

Providing Services in Resource Development

Griffin Development Services is committed to providing clients with the knowledge, skills and best practices to implement successful resource development programs.  Whether these programs focus on archival collection management, fundraising, or historical research, the primary goal is the same, efficient and effective programs to enhance organizational missions, secure financial stability, and allow resources to be preserved and shared for generations to come.

​​Announcing the Carson City Community Archive Project

Preserve.  Share.  Connect.



Organizations of all types have a wealth of resources that can assist in their growth and development.  Cataloging, preserving and sharing archival and artifact collections can contribute greatly to the reach of your organization.  Services are provided to professionally manage these collections and explore the possibilities by inviting a larger community to discover these resources and financially support their further development.


If your organization is struggling with the development and implementation of a successful fundraising program, if you want to expand your revenue sources, enhance the fundraising skills of your staff and board members
or improve the internal capacity of your organization to raise funds
more effectively, Griffin Development Services can provide the
support and training you need.  


Historical research is an exciting journey whether you are discovering your family history, exploring a specific site, group, business or interesting topic.  Regardless of the subject the pursuit can be challenging.  Knowing where and how to research information and documents can save a great deal
of time and frustration.  Griffin Development Services can provide research support to assist in your journey or conduct the research directly.  We
also provide services to creatively present and preserve your research
​for generations to come.